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Noise Cancelling Headphones Purchasing Tips

The Cheapest Priced Noise Cancelling Headphones ARE NOT A GOOD IDEA

Don't be a victim of counterfeit noise cancelling headphones!
Counterfeit Victim...

So you've decided on which pair of noise cancelling headphones to buy and now it's a matter of where to buy them.

So what's a guy/gal to do except go online and find the cheapest price right?

Well this isn't always a good idea.

This is because noise cancelling headphones can be a high ticket item and there are MANY COUNTERFEITS out there.



Some manufacterers WILL NOT honor their Warranty unless you purchased their headphones from an authorized reseller.

That's how bad conterfeiting has become.

It's especially easy to get duped into super low prices on the internet because we're all trying to find the best deal these days.

Just follow the timeless saying "If it's too good to be true then it probably is".



Noise Cancelling Headphones Purchasing Tips:

  1. Buy From Who You Know:, Best Buy, The Apple Store, etc. Amazon is a VERY SAFE Bet especially when you purchase through them when it says "Ships from and Sold by" right below the Price.
  2. Be a little more cautious of buying from one of amazon's 3rd party merchants by checking their merchant rating and how long they've been active.
  3. Bose will only Honor their Warranty if they've been purchased from an authorized reseller.
  4. Use Your Credit Card: I cannot stress this enough not just for your noise cancelling headphones purchase but for any major or even minor purchase. Your Credit Card will cover you in the cases of conterfeit headphones, non-delivery, and even extend your warranty.
  5. DO NOT use Your Debit Card: If there is a dispute, you'll be out the cash until the dispute is settled and this could take weeks, a headache none of us need.
  6. Purchase From An Authorized Reseller: Both Bose and Sennheiser headphones have been counterfeited. Purchasing from an authorized reseller or direct insures you'll get the noise cancelling headphones you're paying for.
    1. amazon is my choice online store. And their prices squash most other retailers!
    2. Get Bose at, Best Buy, or from Bose Directly.
    3. Sennheiser's Authorized Reseller List
  7. amazon Makes it Easy: I love They have it all and their prices are usually the best you'll find. And on top of that you'll be sure to get genuine noise cancelling headphones! And in most cases FREE shipping on orders over $25!
  8. Try Them Out First! Best Buy, The Apple Store, and Bose Retail Stores all have display units that you can often try out in store!
  9. Avoid Buying at a Retail Store: You can find much better prices at for the exact same thing most of the time. You can save upwards of 20-50% at times.
  10. Can't Decide, Buy Your Top 2: If you just can't decide between 2-3 models, buy all 3 and test them out for yourself for a couple weeks. Keep the one you want and return the other 2. Be sure to check that there isn't a restocking fee first though.


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