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Take Back Your Peace and Quiet with Noise Reducing Headphones

Enjoying Inner Peace with Noise Reducing Headphones!Are you experiencing noise pollution at work, on the plane, or even at home with a snoring neighbor? Then Noise reduction headphones may be what you're looking for.

Noise pollution can just simply stress you out even if it's just background noise that you subconsciously tuneout.

The constant interuptions in my focus at work while sharing a 6 man office sent me on a quest to for a solution.

The result of that quest were Noise Reducing Headphones or AKA Noise Cancelling Headphones.


After months of research and trial and error I finally found the best Noise Reducing Headphones, The Bose QC15!

They are simply amazing and cancel noise better than any other headphone on the market.

Bose Noise Reducing Headphones Quiet Comfort 15 has set the bar pretty high.

They sound great as well and there are times when I take them off to go to the restroom and and I am immediately bombarded by office noise and chatter that normally would affect my productivity.


The Bose QC15s truly offer me a personal sactuary in a stressful enviroment. But they come at a price, $300. They're not cheap but if you want the best, then you want the QC15s Noise Reducing Headphones!

The Best Noise Reducing Headphones



Noise Reducing Headphones can give you peace in an otherwise stressfuly and hectic work environment!Don't want to spend $300 for noise reducing headphones? Well relax as you don't have to. You can actually get a great set for under $200 and even a great value $60 Pair

"Make Your Own Noise Reducing Headphones Video For $20"

Affordable Noise Reducing Headphones


These Sennheisers kicked the competition's butt when it comes to noise cancelling!

Probably one of the best performing noise reducing headphones can be had for almost half of the Bose QC15.

That's right, One of the best noise reducing headphones can be had for $180!!!

Don't believe me, see and hear them in action at , the Noise Reducing Headphones Shootout





These Sennheiser PXC-250 Noise Cancelling Headphones at $60 is a tremendous Value!

And you don't have to spend $200 or even $150 to get a great noise reducing headphones.

The Sennheiser PXC 250 provide the best value at a mere $60 and they reduce noise considerably!

Now keep in mind they won't perform as well as the Bose QC15s or the Sennheiser PXC350s but for $60, they are truly a deal! A great entry level into noise cancelling headphones.

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